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3pm - 7pm
Dripping Springs @ 290/ RR 12

9am - 1pm
SFC @ Downtown Austin
SFC @ Sunset Valley
Cedar Park @ Lakeline Mall

10am - 2pm @Mueller

Send us an email at or give us a call at 512-784-3279.

Nourishing Blend of Local Pollens & Nectars
Never Heated or Filtered 


    Austin Honey Company's happy bees comfortably reside on local farms within a 30 mile radius of downtown Austin providing valuable pollination of local organic produce, thus benefiting the whole of our food community. The symbiotic relationship between food and pollinator cannot be overemphasized and is a foundational element of our reason for managing honeybees. Due to a consistent decline in wild pollinators, we aim to help grow our local food system by teaming up with local organic producers, while educating and encouraging the community to manage their landscapes, homes, and businesses in a "bee friendly" manner.
    With the bees' long term health in mind, as well as the community's, the beehives are naturally managed without the use of harsh chemicals. We invite you to try our raw, unheated and unfiltered honey---Straight from the combs to you!

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