Nucleus Starter Colony of Honeybees - FREE SHIPPING


Nucleus Starter Colony of Honeybees - FREE SHIPPING

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****MUST READ ENTIRELY****YOUR PURCHASE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS ENTIRELY AND THAT WE HAVE YOUR FULL UNDERSTANDING AND FULL AGREEMENT TO OUR NUC SHIPPING POLICY—NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO REFUNDS EXCEPT DUE TO A CATASTROPHIC EVENT OR TRUE FAMILY EMERGENCY. WE WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO STICK TO YOUR PAID SHIPMENT WEEK, BUT WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SHIP ON A FUTURE OR PREVIOUS WEEK DUE TO WEATHER AND CLIMACTIC VARIABLES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. WE CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER WHICH DICTATES HOW QUICKLY OR SLOWLY YOUR NUC BUILDS UP TO BE READY TO SHIP. WE WILL PROMPTLY COMMUNICATE ANY DELAYS OR IF THE WEATHER CAUSES US TO GET AHEAD OF SCHEDULE AS WELL. WE WANT YOU TO GET YOUR BEES AS FAST AS POSSIBLE AS WELL! Price includes UPS 3 day guaranteed or faster ground shipping with full insurance. Nucs will be well ventilated and prepared for the journey to you. Their custom built wooden nuc box is built to withstand the rigors of shipment and we ensure they are prepared for their journey to you. Nucs will be shipped out to you on a Monday or Tuesday of your ship week to ensure that they get to you by Friday or before and you will receive a shipment notification with your UPS tracking number. We will mark your nuc with your name and phone number in case UPS needs to contact you regarding your nuc. TO AVOID THE POSSIBILITY OF OVERHEATING ISSUES AND PESTS SUCH AS ANTS, OTHER WILD BEES, ETC., WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU PICK UP YOUR NUC FROM YOUR LOCAL UPS CUSTOMER PICKUP HUB RATHER THAN HAVING IT DELIVERED TO YOU DIRECTLY. THE LOCAL UPS DELIVERY TRUCKS ARE CRAMPED AND NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED AND HAVING YOUR NUC SIT IN THE SUN ON YOUR FRONT PORCH COULD CAUSE OVERHEATING AND PEST ISSUES. TO DO THIS YOU WOULD CALL UPS, PROVIDE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER, AND REQUEST “HOLD FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP”. Although UPS is excellent with shipping our nucs out, we cannot bear logistics responsibility for issues that are outside of our control and occur within shipment by UPS and/or delays in placing them in a bee hive ASAP. All claims for lost, damaged, or dead nucs will be the responsibility of the purchaser to file and not Austin Honey Company. You must file a claim directly with UPS and provide photo documentation, receipts, etc. directly to UPS as per their claim filing policy and UPS will work directly with you to compensate you back as per their claim filing policy process. All nuc replacements require a new separate purchase with payment in full for a new nuc to be shipped out on the next available shipment week as the claim filing process could take 2-4 weeks or more.

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Nucleus Starter Colonies of Honeybees

We are pleased to be able to offer nucs again this year. They will be very strong 5 frame nucs
that consist of 3 frames of brood both sides and 2 frames of honey and pollen both sides. All
frames will be drawn out and fully utilized by the bees. The queens will be laying on the frames
and fully accepted by the bees. The nuc will be ready to be placed in your bee hive ASAP and
should be fed sugar water immediately to get them to draw out their remaining frames in their
new bee hive. We suggest the one gallon in hive frame feeder as the best way to feed bees.
We guarantee the strength and vitality of our fresh queens. They are gentle and are mostly
Italian strain with some feral wild Texas genetics which add good hygienic behavior and traits
which the bees needs to help fend off pests. There is no such thing as "mite or pest resistant"
bees-- don't be fooled. All bees are susceptible to mites and pests, including wild feral Texas
and Africanized colonies of honeybees, just less so due to their more aggressive nature.
Remember, your nuc is in a man-made box and not in the cavity of a tree in nature. You must
actively manage your new colony which means treating for mites and small hive beetles as
appropriate as part of an integrated pest management approach. We advocate the use of
natural and organic methods to control pests. We will not be responsible for the decline of
your nuc due to neglect to actively manage pests in your colony. Our queens come just like
nature provides them which means we do not clip their wings or mark them with paint. We
have found that doing either of those things makes the queens more susceptible to being
"superceded", which means that the new queen is replaced by the hive. The bees also chew off
the marking paint rather quickly thus rendering it useless. Remember, that if you have a solid
brood pattern, then you have an excellent healthy queen and you don't have to go looking for
her all the time. We guarantee the vitality our queens for 60 days from when you receive your
nuc and we will replace them for any reason outside of your control. All nucs will be shipped
UPS or delivered by us locally in Austin, TX. Please read our shipping policy below. You will
enjoy working with these bees and we wish you all the best with your beekeeping!

Mark & Raul